Your July Reading List

Emily Calkins of the King County Library Systems offers binge-able titles that will keep you engrossed through July. This month’s reading list features exclusively Black authors in recognition of our ongoing national conversation about race.

These Ghosts Are Family by Maisy Card

In this multigenerational family story, told from many points of view, Card explores the life of Jamaican American Solomon Stanford. The story begins with a secret he reveals to three women: “I was born Abel Paisley.” In the chapters that follow, Card moves back and forth through time, and plays with form and genre — the titular ghosts are more than metaphorical. What does it mean to abandon one life and begin another? What happens to the people who are left behind?

Party of Two by Jasmine Guillory

Guillory writes funny, charming romantic comedies starring Black women. In her latest, lawyer Olivia Monroe moves home to L.A. to start a law firm. Her first night back, she spends the evening flirting with a handsome stranger — who turns out to be her senator. He’s head-over-heels; she’s not sure she’s ready for a relationship that pushes her into
the spotlight.

The Deep by Rivers Solomon

Solomon’s raw and moving novella explores a society of merpeople descended from pregnant African women thrown overboard during the Atlantic slave trade. It follows Yetu, who holds the society’s collective memory. When the devastating memories become too much to bear, Yetu flees. Her escape has unintended consequences on both land and sea.

About Emily Calkins

Emily Calkins is the readers services program coordinator for KCLS, where she specializes in connecting readers with stories, authors, and each other. She also is the co-host of KCLS’ podcast, The Desk Set. As a reader, she likes flawed characters, atmospheric world-building, and anything with a slow-burn romance.

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